USF – Spring 2019 Resume Writing and Elevator Pitch Workshop

The purpose of this event was to provide the students with the necessary information they need to create an attractive resume, have their existing resumes critiqued, and come up with a good elevator pitch in anticipation of the upcoming USF career fair. A total of 13 students attended this event, and they were each provided with a “Cracking the Coding Exam” book, a template for an effective elevator pitch, and sample resumes to use as a reference.

The event started off with Dr. Christensen’s presentation on how to create a resume that recruiters want, where he had an open discussion with the students about the details recruiters seek, and how that information could be provided through a resume. The students all gave their suggestions on how to achieve this and then moved on to peer-reviewing, where each of the students received and critiqued printed copies of all their peers’ resumes in 60-second intervals. The students got their respective resumes back with their peers’ suggestions and worked on implementing these changes and improving their documents towards the end of the event.

After the resume critique portion of the event, Dr. Christensen talked about elevator pitch and its purpose. He mentioned the necessary information an applicant would want to share through this, the questions recruiters would typically ask, and then handed out templates for a good elevator pitch that the students could fill out after the event. He also briefly explained what behavioral interviews entail, and some common behavioral questions recruiters ask at interviews. The event was wrapped up with the students working on improving their respective resumes, while Dr. Christensen, Sulav, and Khadija were present to offer any assistance and answer any questions.

This event was highly beneficial to the students, who were all looking to obtain internship opportunities in the near future. It prepared them for the upcoming career fair at USF and any other opportunities they might come across to utilize the skills and knowledge they acquired.

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Date: February 1st, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Room: ENB 313