USF – Flit-Path: JP Morgan Intern for A Day

Date: November 15th, 2019
Time: 10:30am to 2pm
Location: Tampa Development Center, 8800 Grand Oak Circle, Tampa FL 33637
Point of contact: Bill Femmer
Attendance: 8 students (2 Cohort A, 1 Cohort B, 5 non-FlitPath) and Khadija Zanna

Students arrived at the JP Morgan Brandon facility at 10:30 am on the day of the event and were welcomed by our point of contact Marina Rambo. 24 students showed up, and we were all lead to the conference room used for the event. The event kicked off with tea and pastry and connecting with some employees. At around 10:45 am, Marina gave a presentation on JP Morgan, what they do, and their different locations around the world. She also talked about the company’s need for technologists and further elaborated on different ways to get internships and join their new hire programs.

At around 11:20, Dipla Shah, who is an agile expert, kicked off the activities they had prepared for the students. The students did agile and scrum activities in teams of 5 where they worked on completing a project agile-style. After this activity, she gave a short presentation on kanban practices.

We had lunch from 12:45 to 1:15 and then employees from the Software Engineering program had a panel and discussed their experiences in the company thus far. The day ended after the panel, and a few students stayed behind to ask Ms. Rambo some questions. We took a couple of group photos and will be receiving them once JP Morgan clears them. 

We asked the attendees of this event for some feedback and one student said:

“I thought the internship for a day was great. It provided a great opportunity for us to learn about JP Morgan and meet some of the workers there. To improve it, I would recommend scheduling shadowing time or seeing what the actual workplace is like (if possible). That way students can get a glimpse of what a workday is like at X office they visit. Keep up the tours! They really help the students network and prepare for a potential interview.”